Melyn Rhos

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Below are photos of a few of the 6 Pembroke Welsh Corgi x Great Pyrenees puppies that were the result of a breeding I did utilizing frozen semen that had been contaminated at its collection site. I have DNA results proving the semen was contaminated. No compensation was ever received for the gross negligence of the veterinarian at the semen collection site. Gwynne, after carrying this litter (which was her second) was spayed.


When you have your dog collected for freezing please ask your vet the following questions:

  • Who handles the semen? Does someone other than the veterinarian?
  • What other breeds are being collected on that day?
  • What is their policy when collecting more than one animal on the same day and how can they assure you the samples will not be cross contaminated?  (If you have the option have your dog collected on a day when no others are being collected.)
  • How long from collection to being frozen?

When using frozen on your own girl you might consider obtaining a DNA sample of the frozen semen to assure there was no cross contamination especially if you are breeding a smaller breed.





 Kaylee Rose